Pilot Program

Give your security analysts a fighting chance

Imagine doing a full day of work in 30 minutes.

We need more production environment data to confirm reproducibility of the results we seen to date -- 20 times better! Like taking a 40-minute task and getting it done in 2.

We're accepting a few more pilot customers to validate the product's commercial readiness., and to confirm these results across different industries. If you're interested in a low level of effort test, with no cost to you, click the button below.

Cybermonic's technology uses graph analytics allowing autonomous tuning of its AI to cyber datasets. Simply connect the data already in a SIEM for instant correlation analysis usable for alert triage, incident response and threat hunting.

What we need to get started

Access to your data and some of your time. If you have a SIEM, that's the easiest place to start - since you've already aggregated your most valuable data there.

We'll handle the rest -- that includes secure connections to your data, real-time reports of alerts, and access to Cybermonic for 6 - 12 months.

What you'll get for your participation

Simple and instant access to the full story behind your security alerts. The ability to search and discover security issues, with insights into where they are in your system, what they are connected to, and the value of those connected systems. During the pilot, the company founders will be personally involved, overseeing installation and issue resolution.

Please, fill out the form if you'd like to be considered as a pilot partner.

If you have questions, email us at